UUA Capital is a proud member of the ILO Exchange.

What is an ILO?

The ILO is a new way of funding growing companies. It’s not a sale of company stock or a debt loan.

An ILO is an Initial License Offering. Technically, it’s a license that gives the ILO Buyer the right to promote the product or company of the ILO Seller. When the ILO Buyer purchases a license at a predetermined price it generates revenue for the ILO Seller.

How Does an ILO Become Valuable?

Each purchased ILO  is numbered and registered and can be sold on an exchange.  As the ILO Seller’s company grows its revenues, the ILO becomes more valuable.  An ILO that’s purchased for $10 today can be worth several times more in 1, 2 or 3 years.

The ILO Buyer can participate in the marketing of the product or company that sold the ILO. By promoting the company on social media or through associations or networks, the ILO Buyer can qualify for a royalty program. Most ILO Sellers offer a revenue pot of 10% of revenues for one year as a royalty for qualifying ILO Buyers.

The ILO is unique in its ability to create affiliates from ILO Buyers who agree to promote the company. ILO Buyers can help create a more valuable ILO by promoting the company.

ILO Buyers can sell the ILO on the ILO Exchange.  Every quarter the ILO is revalued based on the company’s quarterly reports. If the company has been performing well, the performance will be reflected in the price of the ILO. You can sell the ILO for a profit or choose to hold on to it.

Are ILO Companies Good Companies to Invest In?

There are dozens of companies already listed on the ILO Exchange (ILOCX). Soon there will be hundreds. The listing requirements are stringent and not everyone can qualify. Companies are required to provide quarterly and annual reporting as well as complete yearly audits. There are companies from lots of different industries with different revenue potential. Learn about the companies and decide what companies you think will grow. Decide what companies you want to invest in and buy an ILO.

How Do I Buy an ILO?

It’s easy to buy an ILO.

Step 1. Visit UUA Capital on the ILO Exchange. Learn more about our ILO.



Step 2. Click on the Buy Now button on the right side of the page.


Step 3. Complete the registration and payment form.