Energy Investment Group

UUA Capital, Ltd. is an energy investment group financing select, high-growth projects in solar, hydropower, electricity and fossil fuels

Financing a Private Energy Utility

UUA Capital finances projects with United Utilities Authority (UUA), a private energy utility.

Ready-made Projects

UUA has ready-made projects focusing on power generation, transmission, and distribution primarily in Southeast Asia.

Seasoned Management Team

The UUA management team and associate companies have installed power in 176 countries around the world.

Consistent and Reliable Returns

Consistent and reliable returns are created by acquiring existing cash generating projects and reinvesting for explosive growth.


UUA Capital finds ready-made, high return projects requiring little startup time and no working capital.


UUA Capital funds the project so energy can be bought and sold.

Flip the Switch

Projects start quickly and consistent and reliable returns are generated.

UUA Capital is engaged in power generation, transmission,
and distribution for a variety of energy sectors.




Fossil Fuels

The Most Valuable Market On Earth

Valued around $7 trillion globally, energy is the most valuable market segment on earth. Direct participation in petroleum can potentially outpace most market-based investments.

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